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Cantilever Spreader Board Racks

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  • The design of a Cantilever Spreader Rack with a single load bearing upright allows a greater level of flexibility,
  • Reduces damage drastically and saves money in the long run.
  • Material can be readily stored, identified, and retrieved
  • Offers great flexibility in storing varied lengths of product side by side.
  • Gluts can be adjusted to suit your product and lifting attachment.
  • Very versatile modular system.


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This system offers a great versatility in storage of varied length sheets with no loss of space across the level. Excellent solution to store flat, delicate product, eliminating damages and saving cost in a long run.

Spreader arms and gluts form one flat shelf level and let you store your flat product and other long goods like wood etc. anywhere on the racks to suit your needs. The supports (gluts) can be adjusted to suit your lifting attachment and store your full range.

Storemax Cantilever Racks are very commonly used for storing Plasterboard, sheets, boards, timber and other long products. We sell Cantilever Racks Australia wide.


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