Maximising your warehouse space, in this new era of e-commerce.

Maximising your warehouse space, in this new era of e-commerce.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world forever. Especially retail. With storefronts being shut for months on end, e-commerce has become the shopping preference. Online shopping isn’t just a trend anymore. It’s here to stay. 

Today, Australia is the 11th largest e-commerce market in the world. The nation has experienced the largest growth of e-commerce activity on record. Just over eight months of sales in 2020 surpassed the entire 2019 year, with about four out of every five households making an online purchase in 2020.  

The bigger appetite for online shopping calls for more products, which means more storage solutions. But for many companies, increasing the amount of storage isn’t always feasible. Real estate is expensive and every square foot cuts into profit. When you can’t (or don’t want to) invest in a bigger storage facility or warehouse, you need to be strategic to maximise all the space you have now with warehouse racking. 

The changing warehouse 

With increased demand for online ordering, warehousing and distribution has had to evolve. In addition to keeping more inventory on hand, to be competitive in the online space demands embracing warehouse automation, implementing scalable processes (using material handling technologies), and being able to house extra stock. 

You have to consider social distancing, smaller decentralised warehouse locations to provide same or next-day delivery, and third-party logistics contracts. Combined, these changes lead to a tighter focus on your storage locations and capacity. 

Intuitive & intelligent warehouse design 

Consumers have high expectations for their online shopping experience (thanks to Amazon and the likes). The customer service bar is set high now and good warehouse design underpins this. 

To optimise your space, focus on inventory management, think laterally with your warehousing, acquire the necessary storage systems, train your staff, and redesign systems. Cantilever racking and pallet racking systems are key to making your warehouse space work, no matter the size. 

These storage systems don’t just ‘create’ more space in your warehouse, they also organise the workflow, improve safety, and allow for a more streamlined floor operation. With an intelligent (and automated) warehouse system, the size of the space is less important. 

Delight your customers with faster, more reliable deliveries, made possible with smaller, streamlined warehouses. The type of racking shelves you choose depends on the products you sell. The system will differ greatly if you’re storing timber versus homewares, for example. 

Cantilever and pallet racking systems help maximise the height of your building, rather than going for more floorspace. With online orders, speed is crucial – and warehouse shelving allows you to access the stock you need without moving the rest. No more sorting through stack or piles of products. You’ll save hours every week, right there. 

Make your warehouse as efficient as possible 

Imagine having complete control over your inventory? Having a space that can handle the expansion of your business, and fast. Because when you’re doing business online, especially now, sales can spike overnight. Having stock on hand, ready to go out, gives you the ability to reward loyal customers, offer competitive prices, and to save more, buying in bulk.  

Picture never having space constraints. Those frantic, ‘I can’t find it!’ situations are long gone. By focusing upwards for your space, you can open more smaller warehouses with shelving systems that effectively improve your customer service. 

Partner with a team who can see the opportunities within your warehouse and storage facility.   

We optimise open spaces 

To decide between cantilever shelves or pallet racking, let’s have a chat about your warehouse space, products, workflow, and safety requirements. As engineers and supply chain experts, we’ll help optimise your warehouse, so it works for your company’s (and customers’) changing needs. 

Contact our team of warehouse specialists today. Your supply chain is the key to your online store’s success.