Design & Quotation

Storemax offers a pre-sale service (no obligation) which is the study of the project and appropriate facility design, quoting the best possible proposal to the customer, and if there is a possibility, it will arrange a visit to similar facilities at other customers where similar designs have been installed.

Project Study

Design and Quotation Service: Storemax technical-commercial team will check the needs and make an overall study of the site, planning the available space and advising which storage system best suits the available space for storage. All aspects concerning safety and health will be discussed with the customer in the analysis of the storage installation location as well as any other relevant information for the best project solutions.

Warehouse Design

After the project study, the sales team brings this analysis to the design office. These two departments work together to obtain the best storage solution. Both sales and design teams have been trained to use the necessary tools for evaluating the project and to confirm the design suitability to the premises proposed and to ensure that the scheme operates safely and efficiently to the full scope of its intended design. Storemax’s product and scheme design calculations comply with relevant Australian Standards.

Smart Warehouse


Our sales staff will be at all times in communication with the client to ensure that the design adapts to the customer’s needs before preparing the complete offer for the proposed installation. Once prepared, the proposal is submitted to the customer, together with the design drawings, for its final approval before manufacturing. There is always more than one way to plan a storage system, so the more detailed the analysis of the situation made between the customer and Storemax, the better the solution obtained and for the best value.

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