Mitre 10 Ballarat’s new racking system, an asset to their business.

Mitre 10 Ballarat’s new racking system, an asset to their business.

The Challenge 

Mitre 10 in Wendouree, Ballarat, were operating with hardwood racking that had been on-site for 45 years. Not only was its age slowing down the store’s operations, but it also didn’t meet current WorkSafe regulations. It had to be removed, without impacting operations. 

Wendouree Mitre 10’s New Looking Cantilever Racking System

With the rapid growth of Ballarat (1.9% per annum), the many infrastructure projects called for a reliable local supply of materials that builders could access. The pandemic further exacerbated this need, with Ballarat now placed as one of Victoria’s strongest property markets. 

Storemax’s Proposed Solution 

Storemax, a preferred supplier for Mitre 10’s head office (for price, speed, and capabilities), was recommended to Michael Sloper, the Site Manager at Wendouree. “This was the 10th Mitre 10 store we’ve worked on, so we knew the importance of planning of setting and storing the racking in a way that wouldn’t disrupt business,” Sunil Lalwani, said Storemax’s Managing Director. 

“Our goal was to help Mitre 10 improve the way they store goods to increase workflow efficiency and movement. To help the team increase capacity, hold stock in bulk, and prioritise the safety of employees and customers.” 

Special Considerations 

The site was unique in that it required a roofed, outdoor cantilever system – a custom offering that was successfully delivered. Because the left side of the racking was outdoor, it needed protection against the elements. 

In addition, the concrete floor was uneven, which Storemax overcame by using levelling plates to adapt to the surface. The project was completed within approximately six weeks – on time, with no bottlenecks. 

Final Result 

“What started as an overhaul of our racking led to an opportunity to transform our operations, increase storage amount, and position ourselves to support the growing needs of local builders,” Michael Sloper said. 

Cantilever racking is user friendly, easier to store large quantities of products, and maximise our floor space, particularly outside where we didn’t have racking.” 

Newly Installed Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking System

For a company like Mitre 10, where the storage and movement of goods is their business, cantilever racking inspires a whole new way of working.  

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