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What is a Cantilever Racking?

Cantilever racking is an ideal storage solution to store long items like Steel Sections, Extrusions, Wood, Pipes, Tubes, Carpet Rolls, Plaster Boards, Furniture etc. It is a durable, cost effective and safe solution which maximises the usage of floor space and utilises vertical space without compromising the length of product that can be stored and retrieved.  Cantilever racking is available in Powdercoat and Hot Dip Galvanised finish for indoor and outdoor use, respectively. 

Benefits of Cantilever Racking

Conventional Racking system has a limitation of the length of product you can store.in,  but cantilever racking is an ideal solution to store long or flat and bulky goods of any length.  

This single upright feature allows products of variable size and length to be stored without being limited to the outside dimension of the rack structure. This system provides a clear opening in the front of the rack in lengths as long as required.  

Allowing a greater level of flexibility, in which long materials or products can be readily stored, identified, and retrieved.  Cantilever Rack is designed and selected to meet specific needs based upon the type, size and weight of the product to be stored.  This type of system is suitable for hand stacking or forklift load/ unload applications.