Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floors) are an ideal solution to increase usable storage and office space in your warehouse. A mezzanine floor utilises the unused overhead (vertical) space while maintaining open productive space in your warehouse. They are free-standing, modular and flexible structures that can be fabricated, installed, and moved easily.

Mezzanine floors are a cost-effective way to maximise both floor space and vertical real estate without compromising the product’s length or retrieval. We custom design each mezzanine floor to suit your warehouse requirements for a number of uses like light-weight office to heavy-duty storage, or two-level floors.

Mezzanine Floor Specifications:

Benefits Of Mezzanine Floor

  • Allows utilisation of the vertical space in your warehouse
  • A cost-effective way of boosting the storage space
  • Multiple uses like storage of tools, equipment and materials, or to create of office spaces and recreation areas for your staff
  • Modular and reusable making it easy to install and dismantle
  • Save the time, hassle and cost of moving premises
  • Most of the free-standing mezzanine systems don’t require planning permission

Warehouses typically have limited ground space but most often have a high ceiling or vertical space and a mezzanine floor is an effective way to increase storage and add more workspace. 

Thinking about why you should get a Mezzanine Floor for your warehouse, consult us regarding the potential to erect a mezzanine floor in your warehouse or industrial space.

Why Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine floors utilise the vertical space between your working area and the ceiling and they are a cost-effective way of boosting the storage space. There are multiple uses of a Mezzanine floor like storage of tools, equipment and materials, or to create office spaces and recreation areas for your staff. The installation of the mezzanine floors isn’t tedious or time consuming and they are easy to dismantle when they are no longer needed.

In most cases, free standing mezzanine floors inside a warehouse do not require planning permission but make sure you consult someone regarding the potential and the need of planning permission to erect a mezzanine floor in your warehouse or industrial space.

Why Choose Storemax’s Mezzanine Floor?

Storemax offers innovative warehouse storage solutions across Australia. We are a leading builder and supplier of Mezzanine floors in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. We specialise in high-quality design, manufacture and installation of mezzanine floors.

Our mezzanine floors offer a proven way to increase the utility of your warehouse by improving the current storage and functionality of your warehouse. Through our Mezzanine floors, we offer a range of benefits and services for your business:

  • Budget-friendly way of increasing your floor space when compared to the cost of moving premises
  • Customisable Mezzanine floor structures that are tailored to your needs
  • Best design, quick construction and easy dismantling
Mezzanine Floor Sydney

Our mezzanine floors in Sydney are helping warehouse businesses and distribution centres to create storage space, and enhance inventory management and equipment safety through our highest quality of services without the need for moving the business.

Mezzanine Floor Sydney

Our tailored Mezzanine floors in Melbourne have helped warehouse businesses expand their storage capacities. Our Mezzanine floor systems are easy to install, cost-effective and efficiently utilise available space without shifting the facility.

We offer steel mezzanine floors or pallet rack mezzanine floors tailored according to the needs of your business for warehouse mezzanine floors. 

Steel Mezzanine Floor

If you need a stable and secure storage space, consider a Steel Mezzanine floor for your warehouse in Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. Steel Mezzanine floors are sturdy high-level platforms and free-standing structures designed to provide extra storage space.

Rack-based mezzanines are the most economical way to create an additional floor level using standard pallet rack uprights and components for additional storage space. Our mezzanine floor systems can be expanded in any direction, to meet your specific load and area requirements at the site. 

As a general guideline, a steel mezzanine floor creates free space underneath, while a pallet rack mezzanine integrates a storage and shelving system.

Warehouse Storage Experts

If you’re looking for a flexible and cost-effective solution to optimise storage in your warehouse, you should definitely consider a mezzanine. Storemax engineers can oversee the plan, design, and implementation of a mezzanine floor for your warehouse. Whether you require a steel mezzanine floor or pallet rack, we’ll help you determine which structure is most suitable (based on the current load capacity and intended future use).

We are a one-stop shop for warehouse racking and storage solutions. If your warehouse has run out of space and you’d like to find out more about mezzanine systems and how they could benefit your warehouse, contact us at or call us at 1300 83 24 26.

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