Safety Audits

Non detected damage can cause serious injury, extra insurance cost and unlimited consequences. As an expert supplier of equipment, Storemax is highly qualified to report on the integrity of the storage systems installed. Our auditing team, on demand, reviews the installation annually or when required by customer, based on the specifications of prevention per Australian Standards. Our experts assess the damages on the site and report a list with all the damages and its danger level, specifying the procedures to follow so that the shelving is back in service with all the guarantees of safety.Storemax Safety Audit Checklist

There are several reasons for racks getting damaged and as such may not perform to the manufacturer’s specifications in the event of:

  • Damage caused by fork lift trucks.
  • Damage caused by over-loading.
  • Change in load capacity following alteration to the quantity and height of beam levels.
  • Incorrect design or installation.

Storemax after sales service team advises on the necessary guidelines to carry out a regular maintenance program of the facilities before the system deteriorates in order to avoid serious damage on sites.

Our Maintenance Programme covers:

  • Formal inspection at agreed intervals.
  • A comprehensive report and maintenance programme.
  • Advice and recommendation on ways to minimise further damage.
  • Provide load capacity signage, to help reduce the risk of damage caused by over-loading.
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