Storemax Installs Racking for New B2C Furniture Warehouses

Storemax Installs Racking for New B2C Furniture Warehouses

B2C Furniture have built their business around one defining premise: Elegant, environmentally friendly hardwood furniture shouldn’t cost the earth.

This simple promise – stunning, sustainable and affordable furniture – led to great customer growth and the need for more warehouse space. B2C Furniture decided to turn their Dandenong VIC space into the showroom and move the warehouse to the bigger Braeside site, alongside setting up a presence in Arndell Park, NSW. More space required new racking. 

The Problem 

B2C Furniture had outgrown the Dandenong site. They had more stock than they had space, which meant they were paying to store containers of pallets off-site. 

The team had worked with Storemax before on a previous expansion project. After previous success and a fair quote, they chose Storemax to provide the new racks. 

The Solution  

SECTION 1 – Single Sided 

Run Length: 56,574mm –18 Bays at 3048mm, Single Sided 

SECTION 2 – Double Sided 

Run Length: 47,1606mm –15 Bays at 3048mm, Double Sided 

SECTION 3 ~ 5 – Double Sided 

Run Length: 59,712mm –19 Bays at 3048mm, Double Sided 

B2C Furniture changed the configuration for the new warehouse to cater for deeper spaces and larger items. Rather than the standard row space width of 2.7 metres, it was built for 3 metres.

B2C Pallet Racks installed by Storemax

This decision was made in consultation with Storemax, as a workaround for some of the structural limitations. For example, the Braeside site has posts in the layout which required installation ingenuity. The posts were far enough away for four aisles, but too close for three aisles. Three double-width aisles instead of four were agreed on, which allowed for ample racking and easy forklift access. 

The Result  

Warehouse Manager, Jeremy Laing, said they’re able to safely store much more stock in the warehouses. The racks are taller, rows are deeper, and the stock isn’t wedged in like it used to be. 

With the new racking, B&C Furniture have been able to improve operations and reduce expenses, by storing all stock under their roofs, not externally. Minimising the amount of floor space required for storing products, there’s now better visibility and easier access in case of emergencies. 

The communication was impeccable during the entire process, said Laing. Due to the need for a specific 10.5-metre rack size, there was a waiting period for it to arrive from overseas. Even with setbacks on stock and scheduling, the project remained on target and was completed within the estimated timeframe. The project took three weeks and has resulted in follow-up orders from B&C Furniture.

Pallet Racking System in B2C

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