Pallet vs Cantilever Racking: Which one is best for your business?

Pallet vs Cantilever Racking: Which one is best for your business?

Know the difference between the Pallet Racking system and Cantilever Racking System to find out which Rack to use.

Importance of industrial storage solution

Warehouse storage solution often refers to both industrial shelving and racking solutions. Industrial storage solutions are ideal for any warehouse business looking to optimize the place and maximize its storage capacity. 

As industrial storage solutions become smart and automated, you can now adapt your storage space to suit diversified product types and warehouse operations. The shelving or racking solutions can be customized according to the area, industrial environment, and storage space.

Planning the racking system is crucial for your business. There are two prominent options available in the market: Pallet Racking System and Cantilever Racking System. While both systems can hold products or pallets of products, the application of each is entirely different. 

This article will help you understand the difference between the Pallet Racking System and Cantilever Racking System through their utility, benefits and drawbacks.

Pallet Racking System

Pallet racking is warehouse storage and material handling system that uses horizontal storage Beams stacked on top of one another to create a multi-level vertical structure. It has four uprights connected to a base with horizontal beams in between as shelves. The primary purpose of a pallet racking system is to store palletized goods or other uniform shaped items.

Multiple varieties of pallet racking systems can be designed based on different sizes and weights of products, warehouse operation and inventory management systems to optimize warehouses. Forklift trucks are an integral part of any pallet rack system as they are used to stack or remove the goods from the storage shelves.

Pallet systems can work in any warehouse layout or storage specification. They can be used for both first-in-first-out (FIFO) and first-in-last out (FILO) scenarios. They do not even always need standard aisles for accessibility.

Carefully selected pallet racking systems can help improve warehouse organization speed and order fulfilment.

Benefits of Pallet Racking Solutions

  • Allows you to create a smarter, more efficient, and more productive warehouse.
  • It is versatile, easy to assemble and suitable for various storage applications as it offers a wide selection of materials, configurations and accessories for customization
  • Makes efficient use of vertical space and allows you to organize your goods more effectively which enables accessibility for workers
  • Cost-effective and affordable

Cantilever Racking System

Securely storing long logs like timber, trusses, carpet rolls, bars, pipes or plywood is a tricky business. Cantilever racks are an ideal and practical option if you are dealing with goods that are long and bulky. The changeable arms of cantilever rack systems allow storing odd-shaped inventory. 

Depending on your requirements of length, weight and size, Cantilever shelves can be designed to be either roll-formed or structural steel. They can also be customized with several other accessories to suit your warehousing needs.

Cantilever racking uses upright columns connected with strong bases, arms and braces to store these heavy and long items that are otherwise difficult to store. The arms extend from the uprights to form open shelves that can accommodate large, bulky, long or oddly shaped objects. 

Cantilever racking allows you to make use of all three dimensions of the available storage space — height, width and total storage area. It allows stacking long loads up to the ceiling or as high as your forklifts or handling equipment can safely maneuver them.

Cantilever shelves are sturdy and have high reuse potential. If the used shelves still meet design and safety standards, they can be reused in other places.

Benefits of Cantilever Racking Solutions

  • Cantilever racking is rather easy to install and reconfigure
  • The arms can be adjusted easily and quickly to suit the height of goods 
  • Allows you to store a wide variety of loads
  • Makes the products more accessible, reduces handling time for long loads and increases the productivity of your warehouse staff 
  • Allows additional storage possibilities for loads of all sizes and shapes as additional arms can be purchased in varying lengths
  • High reuse potential so they can be utilized again in different places

Pallet Racking System Vs. Cantilever Racking System

 Pallet RackingCantilever Racking
StructureHorizontal racks stacked one on top of the other to create tall, vertical structuresNo horizontal restrictions, robust framework at the back with arms extending out
Space-savingOffer a high-density storage solution that does not require more aisle spaceNeed more space between the aisles to facilitate material handling and stocking
Versatility and utilityHold items that are of regular shape and size and palletsStore large, bulky, long and odd-shaped products
FlexibilityNot so flexible as the purpose is to store stacks of regular-sized goodsMore flexible because the arms can be adjusted easily as there are no fixed shelves
Optimizes space to provide the maximum storage for a given cost and space
Expensive but easy to install. No competition when it comes to bulky and odd-shaped objects
SafetySafe structures that can bear heavy loadsHas strict safety standards to be followed during installation and regular use

There are some of the benefits and comparison between pallet and cantilever racking systems. Depending on the products and space availability, choose the one that best utilises the storage space.

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